Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Address Forwarded

I am a refugee of the former Journalspace (as mamaspeak) which, I'm told, is officially gone for good. I am so sad. Journalspace has been my home for almost 4 years. Four years of blogging...making amazing friends...blogging about my life and all my trials and tribulations. It's gone! Thank goodness I backed my journal up in November...BUT it's my friends and fav's that I will miss the most.

I wrote that blog anonymously for a long time and that was a good thing as I was going through a tough time and I needed the comfort of strangers. I received such amazing support. I am grateful for that. BUT it's gone and I will mourn the loss of my home of four years but if I've learned anything is that life goes one and I am choosing to move on this very minute.

I had started THIS journal as a journal for my fitness and health stuff but I've decided to combine it all and keep one journal...well and a Sparkpage and a Facebook page...and that's it!

So the journal of Mamaspeak is gone but a new year is upon us and this is a good place to start.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Love Power Yoga

This amazing yoga studio opened this summer a few blocks from my house. Although I'm not consistent, I've been doing yoga for over 10 years. Last year I was going to a small studio that practiced Vinyasa Flow...a series of poses and breathing that gets your heart rate up and then ends with calming meditation. I was going a few times a month and then the studio closed. Although there are other studios in town, none have what I like or at the times I can go.

This studio practices Power Vinyasa Flow, a yoga developed by Baron Baptiste that is both vigorous and calming. It's for 90minutes done in a warm room, 85 degrees, so you really sweat.

I really REALLY like it and it's such a great workout. You burn like 450 calories an hour and it's lots of planks, downward dogs and using your own body weight so you really work your upper body and muscles plus the heart rates is working. I been going since July about 2 times a week.

I am attending a workshop there tomorrow from 9 am - 4 pm to train as a teacher's assistant. I am so excited.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I need more time... get things done. I am on a project deadline and I'm almost there. I am tired as I stayed up until 12:30 am working...after a long day of being mommy and squeezing in a half-ass leg work out. It's days like this when I am so stressed that it is so easy to eat poorly...I caught myself from saying eating "bad" which only causes me more stress. I'm using "clean" as my goal well knowing that I can plan cheats and still reach my goal.

Back to work...