Monday, October 19, 2009

New Goals!

Okay, so I still haven't been blogging much and I admit that I spend too much time on Facebook...LOL! I often have so many things I want to blog about and then the day escapes me among the house, work, family and "me" things. Yes, I am adding a "me" category. It's always been there but I need to keep it in front of me.

So last week I finished my 40-day yoga challenge. I did it! WOO HOO! It was a good experience. I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and most importantly, that I CAN find time to workout. I was going to yoga 6 days a week for 60-75 minutes per class. It was intense but I did enjoy it and my body was loving it.

TO keep the momentum going, I started a "Couch to 5K program". It's a free podcast that starts you jogging short intervals gradually working up to running 30 minutes straight. I'm not a big fan of running but I don't "hate it. I completed last week with 8-60 second intervals and did pretty well. I was able to complete all 3 workouts. I like the podcast in that the creator of the podcasts tells you when to run and when to walk and there is good music. I began Week 2 today. I'm doing 90 second intervals this week.

I took a week off of yoga and I miss it already. My plan is to get three running sessions, two weight training and three yoga classes. Even though this is a busy week....who I am kidding? every week is busy....I will find the time.

So 5K Thanksgiving morning!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

40 Day Challenge - Day 3

It's been a while since I've posted anything here but I am alive and well.
Just a quick update on the health and fitness stuff.
I had a nutrition consultation with a nutritional advisor on metabolic typing in July. It turns out that I am a "protein type" which is no surprise there. Even though I was eating clean before, I knew in the way I was feeling and the fact that I was not losing much weight that a low-fat diet was not working for me and that I need to watch my carb intake. The premise is that there is no-one-size fits all diet for anyone. You have to find what works for you. I've been following a plan for a few weeks. The scale has not moved much...YET...but my clothes are looser and I have way more energy! woo hoo!

I am also doing a 40 day yoga and meditation challenge at my yoga studio. I am doing this with my yoga teacher and some other students as my teacher prepares for the Ironman World Championship in October. I figure if she can do an Ironman, then I can do 40 days of yoga. LOL!Well it's actually 32 days of yoga to allow some rest days. This is power yoga...Baptiste style...this is a type of yoga that is challenging and works every muscle in your body PLUS it's in an 85 degree room. SWEAT!

Today was my third day. When I got home, I was soaked from head to toe in sweat and I swear that all the muscles in my upper body were shaking for about an hour. Tomorrow is day 4...I can do this!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alive and Well

I am still here and have been neglecting this blog. I have lots of new changes to share and other things I've been working on. With the kiddies out of school on summer break, I barely get to sit down.

I've been on Twitter a lot. I didn't get it at first, but now I'm hooked. Follow me at LindaGRod!
More soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This year is moving too fast for me. It's already May and it seems like I've barely dented my "to-do" list. I don't feel guilty about it. I just feel like there are so many things undone just hanging above my head.

I've realized that my day is just too full. On most days, I don't sit down to just rest or relax until 10 pm. I'm literally going all to school, physical therapy, work outs, cooking, cleaning, managing home, managing and work from my business. Lately it feel like I get to start things but never really complete the task. I'll do the laundry and the clean clothes sit in the laundry basket for days. I'll start a declutter project and the remnants are sitting in piles. Don't even get me started on the unread mail, the emails I need to answer, returning phone call, paying bills...ugh! I never seem to get to the little things like signing up the boys for sports and music, marketing my business to more clients and the scrapbooking materials that have been sitting there untouched. No wonder I'm spent at the end of the day and no wonder I'm tired. I think my soul is tired.

That coupled with the stress of the Dish being unemployed...again. Seriously, the union jobs are just not cutting it anymore. For the past 6 years, it's like a part time job. The Dish has been applying everywhere and is even shifting careers now that he has his degree in Criminal Justice. BUT these are hard times and finding a job is very hard.

I try not to stress reminding myself that I'm still working with contracts that afford me a monthly check. I try to remember that we do have savings to fall back on. But how could I not be scared for the future? Most people are and it's contagious. However, we can't make decisions based on fear.

I know I just need to slow down and make more time for myself even if something gets undone. I recently dusted off my books from Marianne Williamson. I love her! She is spiritual versus religious and has an amazing guidance to find calm in this crazy world we live in. I started following her on Twitter and her messages are just what I need to hear right now.

Here are some from today:

Happiness lies in being involved in a process larger than yourself. It's like an umbrella made of anti-gravity, drawing your emotions upward.

When you deflect your good, the universe holds it in trust for you until you are ready to receive it. You only pushed "pause;" start again.

Since you were born with infinite potential, then no matter what you have achieved you've only scratched the surface of your innate ability.

I'm going to make some iced green tea and take a few moments to sit and do nothing....if I still remember how.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keeping my head up

I just realized that I had not posted anything in quite some time. Just busy really. I wish I had more time to blog. I do enjoy writing and reading other blogs. I usually have at least one topic per day that I plan to write about and then "poof"...the day escapes me.

While I am truly blessed to work form home and be home with my kiddies but there is a big price I pay for this luxury. I have to work in the evening. I am usually (always!) spent from running the house and taking care of the kiddies. The Dish usually takes over after dinner where I move to a quiet location to turn on my brilliance. Some days it just does not happen so then I fall behind on my work and thus add to my stress.


The Dish is out of work again. I truly turn into a worry wart when he gets laid off. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. And I should know that somehow and some way, we always make it through. Still with the tough economy, one cannot help but worry.

I finished one month of physical therapy. Even though I went for left knee pain, it ended up being my left hip as well. I was "out of alignment" if I didn't already know that I am "out of balance"...literally! I've been going to physical therapy three times a week and the first few weeks I was lots of pain in my lower back and down the back of my leg. My workouts have been restricted to light cardio and light weights which does not make me happy. I am not good at baby steps.

But I am making progress and now we are working on my knee and I have been able to mini squats and lunges with little or no pain. The therapists are suggesting one more month of three times a week but I'm going to have to cut it back to two times a week and get stuff to do at home. I feel like I am so behind with everything. The house, my work, paperwork.....ugh!

It will get done and I'm trying not to let it kill me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Computer woes

My computer crashed the day before we left for vacation. What a pain.

I was able to restore most of my important files...client work, music and photos. Thank goodness for back-up services.

We had a very nice vacation and I will post pictures soon.

I am going to physical therapy three times a week. What I thought was a problem with my knee turns out to be my pelvis and hip. My left side is out of alignment which is causing my knee pain. The therapists are working with me with stretches, assisted stretches, exercises, massage and ice.

I feel worse than I did before...LOL! I am on restricted work outs until I heal so I am postponing my personal training for now. Figures...just when I get in a good plan...BOOM! I can still do light cardio and some light weights for upper body so it's better than nothing. I am tightening up my nutrition to keep things balanced.

I 'm off to ice my back....sigh!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost on vacation

I am on vacation in 2 days and I am looking forward to it. Just busy crazy as!
I trained twice with my trainer. The first work out was so tough...push ups and pull ups off the barbell rack...ouch! I felt it for three days!

I found out Monday that I have "patella femoral syndrome" or "Runner's knee". My left knee had been gradually bothering me more and more. My doc examined my knee, heard some popping and sent me for an x-ray. Now I have to start physical therapy.

My trainer worked my legs yesterday and it was good...we avoided bending and worked on quads and hams. BUT shortly after the workout my muscle above the knee went numb and tingly. SO the trainer wants to hold off to when I get back from vacation and to let my doc know about it.

Great! Just when I was getting in the groove. No worries...I won't let it set me back.

Until then....I'll be on a Mexican beach sipping margaritas....but I will be bringing my workout stuff with me. My ass is not on vacation!