Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost on vacation

I am on vacation in 2 days and I am looking forward to it. Just busy crazy as!
I trained twice with my trainer. The first work out was so tough...push ups and pull ups off the barbell rack...ouch! I felt it for three days!

I found out Monday that I have "patella femoral syndrome" or "Runner's knee". My left knee had been gradually bothering me more and more. My doc examined my knee, heard some popping and sent me for an x-ray. Now I have to start physical therapy.

My trainer worked my legs yesterday and it was good...we avoided bending and worked on quads and hams. BUT shortly after the workout my muscle above the knee went numb and tingly. SO the trainer wants to hold off to when I get back from vacation and to let my doc know about it.

Great! Just when I was getting in the groove. No worries...I won't let it set me back.

Until then....I'll be on a Mexican beach sipping margaritas....but I will be bringing my workout stuff with me. My ass is not on vacation!


Kim said...

I'm so happy you've decided to work in-person with a trainer!! Linda, you will make great progress because now you have someone to push you. :) Have a great time on Vaca!! Thinking of you! -Kim

becomingkate said...

Have a great time!