Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A New Blog

Happy New Year!~

We had a great evening with friends here at the house. There was so much food....yummy! I made paella and a few appetizers and my friends brought more yummy food, desserts and lots of wine. I got to bust out my new karaoke system which was a huge hit with everyone. The kiddies love it and the adults loved it even more. How could you not have fun singing Blondie "Heart of Glass" or the Police "Message in a Bottle" or B52's "Love Shack"? Tons of fun.

I am OH so happy that I've found some of my JournalSpace friends...thanks to Westy for having her forum where we can post our new locations. Somehow most of us will be able to reconnect and rebuild our online connections. Still it will never be like JS. I'm going to miss not be able to post "fav's only" entries when the mood strikes me. Now I can't bitch about personal stuff as I am no longer annoymous...hmm...maybe a second private, friends only journal. Well...not right now, I can barely keep up with one journal. And although my life is far from drama-free, I hope that this year I can become less reactive about it. Yeah, right! LOL!

At the same time, there a few things about JS that I will not miss...the few, but true, assholes who's mission was to spread hate and anger in the most cowardly way...behind a computer screen. These are the same jerks who formed clicks banding together to pick on the nice people. Good riddance! I'm glad that is part is over.

If I had the technical knowledge, I would be rebuild JS myself but I do not so this is my blog home for now and it will all be okay.

I have many things that I WILL accomplish this year. I'm working on a know how I love lists...not resolutions...I don't do those. I am goal-oriented so a list of new goals is always a good way to start my year, professional, family, house stuff and "me stuff" a brand new category.


paulafrances said...

Hi honey! I erged for half and hour on my WaterRower today! all the best new year wishes!

Tristram said...

Happy New Year from one JS refugee to another!

Labetine said...

I'm so glad you're here. Hail, hail the gang's (almost) all here. :)

Happy New Year!

Cin said...

I am a big list maker as well:) Good luck with yours.*hugs*