Friday, January 9, 2009

The weekend is upon us...and a dry one

It's Friday afternoon. It's been a good week. I worked out 6 days. Not like a crazy person. Good intense workouts...25 minutes of HIIT cardio or 40 minutes of weight training...75 minute yoga class. Tomorrow is a rest day. The nutrition was on target..clean, good proteins, lots of veggies. Feeling good. Feeling focused.

Now the weekend is here and this is where I usually screw up...and it's usually not from's drinking. Yes, this girl loves her wine, and her beer, a margarita, a sassy martini. BUT these are empty calories and I know I just know it screws with my metabolism and makes me retain water. Ugh! I wish it were not true but it is. I believe it's the one thing that has thwarted my efforts to get into shape and sabotage all of my hard work.

And I am working hard...planning my meals and workouts...working up a daily sweat. So why would I want to mess up my week by throwing back a few stiff drinks...because I like it...LOL! But I won' least not today and not tomorrow.
On Sunday we are supposed to go to a friend's annual post-holiday party. At this writing, I am not planning any alcohol consumption. The plan is club's a good plan.

It's supposed to snow 4 - 8 inches and then turn bitter cold. That means we might be stuck at, hubby, my mom ( who lives with me) and my two sons...age 4 and 5. UGH! I know, I know...I need to find another fix for stress besides generous libations. I SHOULD jump on the
treadmill for a nice run...I know! {{{{deep breath}}}

One day at a time...or in my case, it will be evaluated hourly...LOL!


tamale said...

I just got home with a cinammon roll, 2 mini pizzas and sprite to have with my rum. Fuck the waistline tonight. I have issues and issues can only be calmed by pigging out! lol. But good for you, girl. You are my inspiration

Tammy said...

I am on beer # 7. But I haven't eaten since 11:00. I like beer too. I am not one to eat while I am drinking-or even after. I guess that is what saves me except I could stand to lose 5 or 10 lbs..
I remember getting thin when I was younger because I drank too much. That doesn't happen anymore.

AndiMAC said...

You know what? Screw it, it's that time of the month and Im having some apple pie a la mode (at least it's one of those little pies and not a real sized one)

BonnieBehave said...

You are doing great! A little cheat now and then is acceptable, however. ;)