Friday, February 6, 2009

Finding my Friday

The is the end of a week that seemed to kick my ass. I was pretty lucky this winter in that both my kids were not sick like they were last year. Marco had one cold a few months back and Diego remained healthy and had not missed a day of school. It's not to say that Diego has not had his share of health woes...most of which he exaggerates. He tend to get dramatic over a simple scratch. While I give my share of motherly sympathy of his aches and pains, I sometimes have to downplay every other complaint or he tends to keep going.

Last week he kept complaining of a mosquito bite to which I kept reminding him that it was the middle of winter and that there are no mosquito at this time of year. He did show me what look like a few little bites. There were maybe 3 of them on his chest so I applied some herbal salve on it and let it heal. I also washed all of his bedding and vacuumed his bed to ensure that there were no creatures sharing his bed. Ew!

Last Friday, there was a message on my phone from the school nurse. It seems Diego had been seeing the nurse almost daily for his rash/bites. Because of his consistent complaints, the school wanted to me to get the rash/bites checked out and to get a note from the doctor clearing him of any "cooties". Great. Previously, I had a note from his teacher letting me know how much he visits the school nurse in general. Again, for every scratch, ache, etc. We had a long talk about this and he agreed to keep his nurse visits to a minimum. Or at least to let me know so I know what's ailing him.

Since it was the weekend, I ended up going to one of those clinics at Walgreen's that have nurse practitioners. I utilized this service on more than one occasion especially when it's the weekend or after hours. The service is great, it's quick (usually), my insurance covers it and my child does not have to suffer or go to the ER. So on Sunday we went to the clinic around noon. Well it was one of those days where everyone was sick so there was a three hour wait BUT the receptionist was kind enough to check us in, tell us to go home and come back at a designated time.

It turns out that they didn't even know what the rash/bite was but it was indeed healing. I already knew this but I still needed a note so he could go to school on Monday. Once we got home he started complaining that he did not feel good. Again, I try to make sure he is fever... without letting him too dramatic over it. It's hard call because, of course, I want to take care of my baby and I do not want my child to be ill but I also know how he can get. Argh!

On Monday morning I could see in eyes that he was not well and he had a scratchy throat, fever, etc. That was the same morning that the painters we hired were coming over to paint all of the trim, windows and doors plus the family room and second bath over the best two days. It is amazing what I juggle when I have to.

Diego stayed home from school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, he was feeling better and running all over the place so I sent him to school on Thursday. He said he was feeling much better and that if he starting feeling bad he would go to the school nurse...ugh! He came home from school and seemed to be feeling better. He did his home work, ate dinner, took a bath and he seemed fine.

UNTIL 4:oo am this morning where he came to me and let me know that his ear was hurting. I got up, gave him some ibuprofen and sent him back to bed. When we got up for school, it was apparent that he still was not feeling well so I called his doctor. Turns out that they did not have open appointments in the morning so I would either have to travel 50 miles to their other office or wait until Monday SO back to the clinic I went. There was no wait but I still have my other son, Marco, with me who is very busy and has a hard time sitting still.

The nurse checked his ears and he has a double ear infection. Sigh! The good part is that the pharmacy is right convenient and what a brilliant business idea. We got some antibiotics and the nurse told him to drink lots of water and to get some rest.

It's hard to get a 5-year old to rest. He get bored, he get whiny and I am totally wiped out. I rented some movies so that seemed to help a bit. He is laying on the couch next to me wrapped in his blanket and looking tired. I keep checking on him.

Now my other son is starting to cough. Here we go again.

Happy Friday!


BonnieBehave said...

Oh fun. I know the feeling. Willie gets his chest colds in the winter and we have to get him on the nebulizer and fight with him to wear and zip up his coat.

The woes of parenting. Hang in there!

Dorrie said...

seems to me he needs a real check-out! All those symptoms could be a sign of something else. I'm not a nurse, just a mom and grandma and sometimes it's better to be safe then sorry!

German schools don't have nurses... kids are just sent home....or to a hospital!

tamale said...

Another reason why I am glad I have no kids at the moment. Hope he feels better soon

Linda said...

Thank everyone, he is feeling better and already running around.

I've had him to his physician several times for a complete check-up and everything turns out fine. This is more of a behavior problem that a medical problem.

The teacher's concern was that he would go to the nurse several times a week for what seems like minor things...a scratch, a pimple, etc. It disrupts class time. If there is really something wrong, we of course have him checked out. What we need to be careful about is having him visit the nurse for nothing. Like I said, he can be very dramatic. It's part of his beautiful personality and our doctor said NOT to play into it as it reinforces the behavior.

becomingkate said...

I hope he's feeling better!